Hi All,

This is my first post to the ZENworks forum as I am a new Zenworks Administrator. I have recently taken over the roll of running ZENworks supporting approx 3500 PC's. We have had a lot of issues regarding slow log on times for PC's, just staying on a blue screen for, on occaision upto 45mins before getting to the desktop!
I have been given 15 PC's with which to try and sort this problem and also problems of slow performance for Zenworks in general. I have formatted these PC's and set them up as dedicated Satellite servers; one for each of our main healthcare sites. I have left the default closest erver rule alone but set up closest server rules for these major sites using the IP range as the filter and then placed the satelite server for that location under each of the headings (Authentication, Collection, Content etc). We have noticed that some users have had immediate improvements with logon speeds and a few others have still had the slow logon. I have sent out refreshes to the dynamic groups for each site but we are at a loss as to how to get the few slow logon PC's to speed up.

Could anyone tell me if there is any way that we can check on each PC which server they are Authenticating to? Or is there a way of seeing on the server which PC's have authenticated to it?

Any help with this delima would be greatly appreciated.