I'm working with a school district in SC which is installing some Linux
based (SuSE) computers in the labs. They currently have Bordermanager
3.8, are using CLNTRUST.exe in Windows launched via a login script.
This is for users of that lab to access the Internet from those

We downloaded CLNTRUST.tar for Linux, installed, configured the login
script to launch clntrust locally, and it does start but... the results
window remains open. We can't close it until we a) press ^c to stop the
script which ends clntrust or b) Exit clntrust from the panel bar.

We also do not see that clntrust is actually allowing Internet access
without logging into the Bordermanager at the web interface.

How can we a) get the results window to close and have clntrust remain
open and b) is there any good source for documentation on clntrust for

I don't have a copy of the login script, but if you have examples of
successful script snippets, that would be great.


-Wes Yates
Upstate Linux Resource