Hi, i tried adding domain controller in a dsfw child domain (child.parent.com).During a portion of "edirectory Configuration-Local server configuration" it has grayed "server context" and has a "Calculated Later" value. I expect it to be something like "ou=OESSystemsObjects,o=child1,dc=parent,dc=co m". Anyway i continue until the OES configuration summary page. When i take a look at the server context, it now point to ou=novell,o=child1,dc=parent,dc=com. This is the server context of my CIFS server. I want the additional domain controller to reside on ou=OESSystemsObjects,..how can i do that? Or is it okay?Would it still function as a second dsfw domain controller of child1? I did continue since its on production..During my test in lab i did not encounter this kind of behavior.