I have been working on an issue with a web site (www.deafed.net) that
is used to upload job resumes and job postings.
The site uses ASP pages for everything. I have no problem browsing
anywhere on the site, but once I fill in the information from various
pull down boxes and text entries, I click to SUBMIT the information.
The activity bar slowly crawls across the bottom of the screen, then
after about 30 seconds, I get the 504 timeout error.
Of course, without the proxy, there is no delay and no timeout.

Troubleshooting done:
Using Novell TIDs:
Added site as a non-cachable object
Tried various combinations of enable/disable persistant connections to
browsers and origin servers.
Applied NW 5.1 SP8
Upgraded from BM 3.7 to 3.8 sp4
Contacted the site admin for possible known issues. They claim to have
a simular issue with Mac browsers, but were not specific.
Added CraigsConsulting ProxyCFG fixall file

Nothing has helped.

Any other ideas?