My first idea is Novell add the capabilities of Novell Pulse and Novell Teaming on a new product named Novell Vibe. Guau, what pretty cool product i have with the capabilities of Teaming and the capabilites of Pulse°°°

But two days ago, i saw y the have DIFFERENT products for the same PRODUCT NAME. They are causing a lot of confusion on my hand.

I Think its a BAD idea to put two different products with different funcionalitys with the same name.

The idea of sell the product on Cloud or OnPremise its a choice of the client, or the manner of sales a product. But to get two differentes products with the same name its a BAD idea.

If you want to offer one product , on the cloud or on promise, fantastic but, you can not putt a name with a different funcionality because you are adding confusion on what do you need and how do you get.

I Am seeking a forum for vibe, but i don t see any .