Hi all,

I'm not sure which forum this should go so I'm taking a stab here :-)

We have a 10.3 ZCM installation with Windows XP workstations, and when I RDP to my machine at work from home I can get in nice and quickly, no ZCM login prompts it just gives me my running desktop.

We also have a test 10.3.1 ZCM zone with Windows 7 workstations in it. From home, if I RDP I get prompted when I connect if I want to take control of the user session already logged in (to which I say yes, this is a Windows message NOT from zenworks) and it loads that session - and then the zenworks agent prompts me to login! Can anyone suggest why that is happening? As I'm taking control of an existing session and have entered my username/password already I would've thought it should just work like Windows XP ...