That's the job to be done,
question is just; which way to go;

Setup today is;
2x Single-CPU XeonServers, both connected
to 2xPromise 15HD/Raidkabinetts over 160mb SCSI.

This install beeing approx 5 years old and is getting slow and full.

Idea is to buy new, fast 6core Intel servers, run VmWare which makes
use of the power and make our life easier....
One question Im wondering about and have a guess regarding the answer
to is;

iSCSI based storage for these servers, should it be assigned and
supplied through VmWare or should the virtual NWserver running under
VmWare connect directly to the iSCSI storage ?

Usually, having an additional step on the way should be overhead, but
with regards to support for load-balancing NIC's, memory,etc,, my
guess is that the opposite could be true here; meaning that the VmWare
box should handle all storage and NW getting it's storage through
VmWare. But,, again just my guess...any input ?

Another question of course is Netware Vs Linux OES.
We have long time experience with NW and find our way around it well,
the Linux part is still something we really don't feel that at home
with. The install's of OES on Linux we've done for lab, test's etc
have allways felt rather unfinished. One could think that beeing from
the Novell/Netware camp, a logical step should be Linux/OES but
....Even when following the online doc's to do a basic test-setup works
quite much manual fixes getting stuff to work, to much
hazzle getting registration and updates to work....

Still, going virtual might be a way to make it easier switching to
OES/Linux since it'll be easier having a backup/image each time one
try do update,fix,,etc,,etc..

In the end, the needs are basic, one Groupwise server and one
FileServer. Going virtual enables us to over time migrate other
resources to....