We have Bordermanager 3.8.4 running on NetWare 6.5 SP5

We are trying to get Proxy Authentication to work, so if a client doesn't
run clntrust, they have to login to access the internet.

When the bordermanger login page is displayed I select my context and
enter my details. When I try to login I get "login Failed, Please try
again" and the login page is displayed again.

In the authentication context option in BM Setup I have configured the

Enable Proxy Authentication
SSO 30sec time to wait
SSL SSL Port 444
Key ID SSLCertification IP
Authentication Page HTML Form
Time out 30 Mins

I have added in the contexts for my users in the context page.

I have also configured the Login Policy Object, with the following

Pre-defined Proxy

I have added in the contexts for the users

and in the methods I have added nds password.

Is there anything else I have to do?

Also what replicas does the server need?
Does it need a replica of the security container?