Hello all: My seemingly endless fight with RUG/ZMD continues and I am getting really fed up with it. We run OES2 (SLES 10 sp3) servers across the board. One server functions as both an installation server and SMT server. All other servers point to it.

As I have posted previously, RUG/ZMD continually break. This results in no notifications of pending updates. The command "rug sl" will hang. "rczmd stop" will fail. My current fix is the following:

1. ps -e|grep zmd
2. kill -9 pid (from step 1)
3. rczmd stop (to clean up anything else)
4. rczmd start
— wait five minutes —
5. rug sl (are all sources showing active?)

So here are some questions:
1. Is RUG/ZMD unreliable? (Should I just trash it?)
2. Do you have a better method of fixing this issue permanently?
3. For my edification, why does this happen?

Thanks, Chris.