We have a couple of machines with Windows 7 Professional on them. They both have Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows 7 installed. Almost everything works perfectly.

The problem is this: when we try to copy files from the netware server off onto the Windows 7 machine, the files are limited to 0 or 1 byte. No errors occur during the copy. It says everything copies fine, but the file sizes are limited to just 0 or 1 byte. The files in question range from 100kb to just a few mb. At one point I tried to copy the file and it copied and change the file size from 10kb to 2.1GB! It will open the files that we copy but it shows them as completely empty. This applies to .txt files, whisper32 (password manager) files, etc. So it is not limited to any particular type.

It only happens on Windows 7. Our XP clients have never had an issue. Sometimes if I copy just a single file I can get it to copy right, but it is very inconsistant and I usually end up getting a 2.1GB version, then a 0kb version, then another 2.1 and then finally I'll get the right 50kb version that works fine.

Are there any known issues with this? It is critical to get this figured out as we are starting to convert machines to Windows 7 in the near future.