I am running 8.02 on Netware 6.5 SP7 - 8 offices over a wan, each with a domain and PO - all links open and no communication problems. I have come across an instance where a user says they did not receive two messages that were sent internally from one Post Office to another. The advanced properties on the sender's side show they were delivered to the recepient's domain, but there is no additional status of read/deleted/etc (the message sent to multiple people but only one in that particular domain - all others received without a problem). This message is from two weeks ago. In looking in the receipient's mailbox, there is very little mail from the two days in question - which seems odd - what, if any, logs can I look at to see what might of happened? I did a full search in the mailbox and they were not hidding anywhere else, nor is there a rule to manage email. The only difference with this user is that he has an iPhone and I believe he uses an app to retrieve message from GW (not company supported). Any help is appreciated.