I am trying to push up a new Windows7 image using a BootCD. I took the BootCD.iso file that included the settings.txt file and burned it to a CD. I am trying to use this bootable CD to make an image of a windows7 computer that I have. The CD boots, I select Manual Imaging, enter in the IP address of the imaging ZCM Primary server that has the novell-proxydhcp service running and then select to make image. For the directory location I have been entering in /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/images/w7test.zmg.

I then get an error message of "unable to connect to preboot server the product license may have expired".

If anyone can help me through the correct process I would be most grateful. I did try mounting an NSS Image volume to this location by moving the existing images directory and mounting images to an NSS volume with a lot of space. However, I was unsuccessful in changing the ownership from root:root to zenworks:zenworks. So I removed this for now and am trying to upload the image directly to this server to see if that works before I complicate it more with the mounted NSS volume.

Thank You!