We have 3 different types of notebooks and have problems with automatic PXE Imaging with 1 type.
We have created an Bundle with 1 master image and 2 addon images.

Into ZCM 10.3.1 we created an hardware rule, by trying to let the machine imaging on ipadres.
When we start the machine with PXE boot, the whole proces works only at the end we get "no work to do" .

When we are imaging from the Maintance mode (CTRL ALT) we can put an image on the notebook without any problems. Starting from the command line will not work for us, because we want to use add-on images.

With the other notebook types we have no problems.
We are using SLES 10, and ZCM 10.3.1, with te latest PRU and the imaging drivers of november 2010 can someone help us ?