Hi - I have been trying to enable backup of the internal drive of an XP (sp2) workstatsion to the central backup unit on our 2 server cluster. The backup software is Backupexec 9.1 and is on Server2 or the system.

I have enabled the TSA software on the XP workstation and it is running (Started) in the services section of the XP modules.

When I scan for new clients on Server2 via Backupexec it is detected, but when I try a sample backup of the Workstation through Backupexec I cannot login to the Workstation TSA from the Backupexec console.
ERROR - Unable to log into Server2 Workstation. Enter another user name and password (if I use any netware usernames), if I continue and use the station Administrator username/password I get:

ERROR Password Failure - press any key to continue

When I do this I can submit a backup job, which them fails with the ERROR Unable to communicate with the Target server (24711)