I have noticed that I can predict a few of the times when I get the BM
authenication screen on my workstation when trying to browse the Internet.
I restarted the BM server, left it running for quite a while with no one
using it, then opened up my browser and put in the name of a web site. I
got the BM authenticate screen, complete with a message telling me I was
already logged in. I just closed that, opened up my browser again, and the
second time it worked fine. I've had other users report the same thing,
e.g, the first time they try to browse they get this screen.

Any idea what the issue might be here? It's not a show-stopped but I don't
understand why it's happening when it does nor what changes to make the
problem go away.

BM 38+SP4+IR3, NW65/SP5+patches