We are using (or want to use) windows 7 to connect to windows server 2008 R2 through RDS (terminal service) with novell client 2 sp1 ir4. We use the contextless as user are connecting from several context.

When a second windows 7 remote desktop session is open (form the same pc or an other one) all the other active Remote Desktop session get the mapped drive mark as
ncfsd disconnected network drive.
Then they can't access it anymore (X:\ is not accessible. access is denied)
The only way to get their drive connected again is to login again from the N icon, then they will not be affected anymore by new connection from windwos 7.
This issue doesn't apear if the new connection is from XP

other info:
I have try Novell client 2 sp1 ir2 and ir4 = idem
if the contextless is note activated the issue doesn't appear (unfortunately we really need that feature)

I have already try the following article without any success:
Mapped Drive Connection to Network Share May Be Lost

Solution would be appreciated