We have a server in our Citrix PS 4.5 farm that runs the Novell client (at al) for SSO. It works great. The client is 4.91 SP4 (+ patches). All of our Citrix boxes are 2003 with PS4.5 (2006.10).

We're preparing to put SSO on the rest of our Citrix farm. When we install 4.91 SP5 (with or without IR1) it breaks the client drive mapping feature of Citrix. That is that the V: drive doesn't map through to \\client\c$ and we can't browse \\client\c$. Uninstalling 4.91 SP5 and installing SP4 gives us back the ability to do client drive mapping.

Interstingly, if we login "workstation only" on the Citrix box, client drive mapping works. I tried back-revving the NWGINA and deleting the ncuncfilter.sys driver, to no avail.

Any thoughts?