Hi! since we upgraded to Groupwise 8 Linux, i'm unable to restore an email.
Server: SLES 10Sp3 / OES2Sp2

Groupwise is located at /gwsystem/po, and the dbcopy backup copy the files to /gwsystem/backup/po. (/gwsystem/backup/domain/ too).
The /gwsystem folder can be mapped from Windows (\\gw8\gwise).

From the X-Window of the server, I used ConsoleOne to set restore area, with the unc /gwsystem/backup/po and the linux path the same, and added the poa and my account has membership.

At this time, from my gw client (from Windows XP) if I choose File -> Open backup: it ask me for the path.
Isn't supposed to go directly to the backup?
If I put the path \\gw8\gwise\backup\po, I can browse the backup, even read it, but if i choose to restore it give me the D069 error.

I added all rights to root on the folder \\gw8\gwise\backup\, to test, so all object should have rights to the folder.
Not sure what to check next. Can someone help me?

thank you,