I'm trying to setup a new GW8 on Sues Enterprise 11 in my lab before I
propose my boss to buy it. However, I have several questions and not able to
find from the net.

1. From my reading, I don't need novell server (OES) to use GW. So, I setup
SLES 11 or other Linux server, install just the eDirectory service and GW8.
Is this right?
2. I can't find any details on setting up or prepare a Linux server for GW
install (e.g. what do I need to install on Linux server and how to setup the
eDirectory for GW installation). Please help
3. I saw from Novell product site, saying that when I buy GW8, it also comes
with SLES and Data synchronization pack. Is that mean I don't need to buy
anything else if I need only GW8 and Sync with iPhone users? (If I don't
have any other Novell product in the environment)
4. I can't find any eval download of Data Synchronization pack. Is it
available OR I have to buy it before I try?

Thanks very much,