I have a working Boarder Manager 3.8 sp3 server. I have several defined
filters for servers and services to get through the BM server. I am also
running all of our users web traffic through the proxy server with Surf
Control as the content filter. This is all working fine, except during
lunch. During lunch the amount of web traffic almost consumes the T1 that is
attached to the BM server. I am hoping to add a business class DSL line and
add a second card in the BM sever. After this I would like to route all web
browsing (Proxy) traffic to the DSL line using the second network card. I am
hoping that all I have to do is to configure the proxy server to only see
the DSL network interface.

If anyone has done this I would like to know if it is that simple or what
problems that they might have had..