I have the following environment

Groupwise 8 SP2 client installed on Windows XP SP3. Client 32 installed on the workstation.
Teaming installation - SLES 11
eDirectory OES2 SLES 10SP3

I cannot get the Teaming folder to work in the Groupwise client. The Teaming folder exists but when I click on it it requests a login. I login using credentials that work. I get no error message and the focus leaves the Teaming folder and moves to the previous folder in the groupwise list. Every time I click on the Teaming folder, the above is repeated.

Groupwise Login uses LDAP. Groupwise logins work.
Teaming Login uses same LDAP. Teaming logins work.
Timesync on the teaming, groupwise servers and client is good.
The following setting has been added to the users PO Client options using COnsole One.
This setting is pushed to the groupwise user. (Confirmed by the Login dialog given in Groupwise)
I'm using redirected ports (80/443)
Enable WSS authentication is enabled

The above URL returns


Hi there, this is an AXIS service!
Perhaps there will be a form for invoking the service here...

What am I missing? I've gone over the doco numerous times and trolled through the forums. Can anyone assist as to how I might debug this?