I am trying to use the Simple MAPI to compose a Message in
German Groupwise 8.0.2HP1:

I know MAPI is obsolete but we have to use :-(

I took the following sample from Microsoft
and put it inside an Excel 2003 Sheet.

I changed the Line:

lResult = MAPISendMail(0, 0, oMsg, oRecipients, oAttachments, 0, 0&)


lResult = MAPISendMail(0, 0, oMsg, oRecipients, oAttachments,

to have the Message appearing in Groupwise before it is sent.

Beside the fact I get a lot of crashes with Excel
while working with that Macros I now get:

"The form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact
your administrator."

I put the sheet over here http://www.abafa.net/GroupwiseMapiTest.xls

Note: My MAPI32.DLL in SYSTEM32 is 635.152 Bytes in Size,
I do not know if this is the correct one?

Can someone help me?

cu SveN