I've just discover that I can copy .lnk files to repo.
The way to do this is:
- use IE7, disable NFileUpload Class, in add-ons, Downloaded ActiveX Controls (32-bit).
- now, choose a Windows application, empty bundle, Install, Add, install file, add, in the file path, put the normal path, for example: C:\Documents and Settings\wwu115\Desktop\Example - Prod.lnk (it even works with large names and spaces).
- the LNK file is uploaded to the repo.
- and it can be copied to the PCs.

It doesn't work with Firefox 3.6.12, even with the Add-on "Novell ZENworks File Upload Extension" disable. I didn't do any more tests.

Should I use this solution, or I will be in trouble with 10.4 or when I migrate to 11?

Thanks in advanced, TA.