Hello all: I have still having a ***** of a time getting
autoproxy detection functioning on our network. I have
tried to follow the TIDs as best as I can, but still have
not been successful. Here is what I have setup:

1. I have working proxy.pac and wpad.dat files. These have
been tested and work fine as I can direct IE to read the
file under "Use automatic configuration script". The files
reside in myserver/sys/apache2/htdocs .

2. I have configured our internal dns servers to point
wpad.mydomain.com to the server with the above scripts so
that http://wpad.mydomain.com/proxy.pac or .wpad will load
the script files.

3. I have added "AddType application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
..pac" to httpd.conf and
"application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig pac" to mime.types
files under Apache2/conf directory.

4. I have stopped and restarted apache2 after each change
using ap2webdn and ap2webup.

From what I have read, when IE is set to autodetect a proxy
it will attempt to load http://wdap.mydomain.com/wpad.dat.

So, am I at least close to getting this correct?? Can you
help me out please??

Thanks as always for your time, Chris.