I'm trying to install the Novell client software onto a virtual Windows 2003 x32 server from a remote terminal using RDP.
First I've installed eDirectory with a new tree and rebooted the server which all seems to work fine.
Next I've installed the Novell client which appears to install OK and at the finish reboots the server as one would expect.
The problem is that the server then doesn't recover to a state where it allows me to log back in.
My suspicion is that somewhere behind the scenes the Novell login is waiting for me to enter the eDirectory credentials so it can complete its startup, however I can't get access to the server in this state.
Assuming this is the case, is there a method to install the Novell client so that it doesn't automatically request a login.
This might allow the server to fully restart, then presumably I can right click on the little red N in the system tray and manually log into eDirectory.
I need the Novell client installed so that I can run ConsoleOne since my real objective is to install GroupWise 802
Am I thinking sensibly or am I way off beam ?
So far I've trashed two server installations and my popularity is not what it was.
Any help much appreciated