Hello everyone,

I have a problem with installing ZCM 10.3. I am deployed to replace the NAL by ZCM.
I post on several client encounter the following error:
PreAgent Unknown Error, "check the Application Event Log for more details.
There is nothing in the event log, no log file at:

C: \
C: \ Novell
C: \ Windows \ Novell

I tried many things before you come asking for help.
Here are the details:
- Removing and install manual NAL ZCM with user package> Error
- Deletion of the keys to the registry by the name: Zenworks Desktop installation and testing of the package ZCM> Error
- Installation manual all. Msi file located in C: \ Windows \ Novell \ Zenworks \ bin> Install & reboot
After reboot ZCM is installed but not connected to the server!
-Client uninstall ZCM and install with the user package ZCM> error!

Verification and deleting registry keys remaining NAL & ZCM> ok
Check no ZenPreagent service is installed> ok
-Deleting the user's temp files> ok
Test install with the user package ZCM> error!
-Launch utility NOVELL Cleanup Agent 1.2 + Reboot> ok
Test install with the user package ZCM> error!
Test activation windows firewall services and test install package > error!

I'm lost...Help please...

Configuration client : Windows XP SP2 x86

I don't know what to test and why I have this problem.
If someone with an idea let me know!

Thank you in advance anyway for your feedback.