Ok,, we're probably one of the SR's that's behind the created TID
regarding HP1 troubles with Mobility.

So, after the fix, it seem well enough,,,a while.
What we initially thought was a "one time is NOT an issue" seems to

With post hp1-fix/gwcheck done, we now AGAIN have a non-working
sync-solution and a POA that's maxed out on 80 soap threads were the
the "time elapsed" states figure between 20.000 and 30.000.

Only solution last time was a restart of the POA and it's probably the
same again. In other words HP1 have ********d up GW bigtime if you pardon
the choice of language. We, the ones supporting and defending GW don't
need these issues, we really dont. CEO's and other don't care about
ANY why we can supply to them, they simply conclude
"non working solution"