1. User PC, in active directory with name PC1, with windows XP and ZenWorks 7 agent, made by image1. Working for 9months all is well. The Image1 as Computer Name= Image1, and in a workgroup called Work.
2. Then I install it ZCM 10 agent. It asked for a reboot, it took a bit more time restarting than usually, then I got:
2.1. Computer Name changed from PC1 to Image1.
2.2. PC removed from Active Directory and in the Workgroup Work.
(like Image1)
I've read in the forum, of at least another user with the same problem but no one replied back (except me saying that I also have that problem).
I'm will be starting the installation of the ZCM Agent on all the workstations (2000) but now I'm a bit scared. I've only installed on 10.

Can someone explain this to me or point me to the documentation.
Thanks in advanced, TA.