I want to migrate a 4 node OES2/Netware NCS cluster to a 4 node OES2/Linux NCS cluster. The storage also has to migrate from old to new storage. The two storage devices are not connected to each other, so I figured a rolling migration is out of the question. So I will build up the new cluster, migrate all resources with the tools provided by Novell and some manual changes.

The cluster hosts several volumes, DNS, DHCP, GroupWise and ZENworks. I don't see much trouble in the migration of DNS, DHCP and GroupWise, but changing references to all ZEN objects is a tedious job.

To minimise the necessary changes in ZEN objects, login scripts etc, I would like to know if it is possible to rename/renumber the new cluster after everything has been migrated and give it back the old name and ip numbers. If not, what would be the best approach?