Just within the last few weeks I have encountered an unusual problem on a
few workstations. A few users reported they could not browse the internet.
After further investigating using either IE 6 or Mozilla 1.5 it seems as
though the browsers ignore the proxy settings. If I turn off the proxy and
use Direct it works fine. I suspected it may be a corrupt Registry setting
so I changed the proxy server address, saved and then changed it back to the
correct setting. The strange thing is it worked on one computer for about 5
minutes and then stopped. I have scanned for viruses and adware with nothing
found. Right now the problem is only affecting 5 or 6 computers but they did
not all display the symptoms at the same time so I am concerned that maybe
Zenworks Group Policies are corrupting the Registries. In all cases so far
the people are in different groups with different GP's so I'm not sure if my
theory is even valid. I have seen other posts suggesting traces from the WS
to the Server- what utility is used and what should it be running on? Can I
run a DSTRACE on the BM server? Any help appreciated.
Richard G.