I am using netware 6.5 SP5. I need a solution for "JAVA programs to work on netware 6.5 SP5". My client already have netware 5 they are using rpl boot method i.e with Netware 5 as a server & diskless clients(VGA,PS2,LAN etc). or thin clients.

They are using DOS prompt at thinclient & they are able to compile & run Java programs in DOS mode. I am unable to install java on netware sice netware6.5 already has Java 1.4 inbuilt.

How to execute JAVA programs in NETWARE & in DOS prompt?
Do i have to install seperate java in netware? which will work in dos?

Also i am unable to boot in DOS mode using "restart server" command in console.

Please provide your suggestion to compile & execute Java programs in Netware & DOS Mode....