I've run into a very strange problem with some web pages on one workstation. The java applet will not initialize and run properly. I've tried everything to correct this problem very reimaging the machine, upgrading java, etc.

The workstation is a XP pro with all updates, I've tried both IE & FF. I'm pushing out proxy setting via proxy.pac file. If I take down the firewall allow this station to go directly to the website it works fine. I've tried using manual proxy setup but still the same problem. I've tried several different machine and haven't run into any other machine with this problem. It doesn't matter the user that is logged into the system, i.e user/admin. The error seems to always be about missing a ";" in the java applet.

Server is run OES Netware w/ BM 3.8 all latest patch. On the server side I've tried clear the cache volumes and rebooting the server several times. No luck

Has anyone run into this before?

thank you,