Hi all.

I have a problem creating new post offices in one of my domains. When I try to create a new one under one specific secondary domain I get an error saying:

Unable to access client software in Software Distribution Directory gw8distsoft at /media/nss/...
Yo will not be able to access the new post office until the client view files are installed correctly. Do you want to continue?

If I click "Yes" nothing happens (no files are created under the selected path). I already opened a SR with Novell about this error message and their answer was "You can ignore it". I have no problems creating post offices under another secondary domain even the same message appears. So I think it is a problem specific to the first domain.

I have tried changing the post office name and the destination path with no success. I have also rebuilt the domain database with no results.

Do you have any ideas?

Here's my platform:

- Primary Domain: GW 8.0.2HP on a separate OES2 SP2 server totally patched (as of today)
- Secondary failing domain: GW 8.0.2HP on a OES2 SP2 Novell Cluster totally patched (as of today). 5 working post offices, 1 working GWIA and 1 working WebAccess. No production users. NSS volume containing GW distribution directory.
- Secondary healthy domain: GW 8.0.2HP on the same OES2 SP2 Novell Cluster (as of today). 6 working post offices. No production users

Thanks in advance.