Hello all,

I recently updated my ZCM server - only one server environment - from 10.3.0 to 10.3.1. The server updated just fine but deploying to clients has been an issue.

1. Not all clients are getting the update - the error says:

One or more pre-requisite updates failed to install to this device. Ensure all pre-requisite updates have been applied successfully and try again.

The systems all are built from the same image and if I reimage the machines that fail, the new agent update install over the existing one without any errors.

2. I have had a few machines that will not authenticate to the realm, after the agent update, as others have posted. The fix for me has been to remove the old agent and reinstall the newer agent. I have seen others have just reinstalled CASA or the authentication msi. I will have to try that if ti reoccurs.

Any thoughts about how I can force the update onto these other systems without reimaging them all would be great.


Steve D.