BM 3.8,but I'm not sure on the patch level....

I'm using the BM DNS Proxy combined with the Hosts file as my private DNS
server. I've noticed that if I put in an entry that has a name of just a
single word, that it doesn't work very well. For example intranet

won't resolve 'intranet' to

However, if I enter

it'll resolve '' just fine.

I've always been able to work around this issue, which I've assumed is a
bug, until today. Now I've got a piece of expensive hardware with a burnt-in
name that it tries to find in DNS to give it an IP address of it's master
controller. That burnt-in name is just a single word, and I'm assuming that
it's failure to work is due to this bug in the DNS proxy.

Is there any way around this in the BM DNS Proxy?