We have a BM 3.8 server (patched to post SP4) on OES 6.5 SP5 running HTTP
proxy connected to a secure network service provided by a local telco
which works well except when users try to use a browser connection to an
externally hosted site that runs the schools knowledge net system. This
knowledge net system runs on MS Class server which users then login to and
browse various pages.
If one to about 6 users connect the browsing speed is ok but anymore than
six and it takes 2-3 mins to browse from one page to the next.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the cause. We don't see
this problem if you get whole classes to browse other websites all at one
The supplier of the Knowledge net system says they have no other schools
reporting this problem and it must be because we a Novell Network. I have
tested the site using a direct connection outside of BorderManager with 20
users and the speed is ok on the knowledge net system but appalling for
general internet use.
Any ideas would be greated appreciated!