We are having an odd problem uisng Autodesk Inventer 2011 when saving files
to an OES 2 SP2 Linux NSS volume. Everything works fine if the NSS volume
is hosted on a Netware server:

1. Home directory is mapped to drive H: with the ROOT option.
2. A new project is created in Inventor and saved succesffully.
3. If user attempts to save their work again, either right then or after
closing the program and restarting, the save fails.
4. A dialog box appears stating that the file couldn't be saved over an
existing file and then prompts the user to save the file with a new name -
5. This new file can't be opened until the "(newver)" is removed from the
6. Renaming the file causes problems within the file as the project is made
more complex.

The Autodesk knowledgebase for this error suggests a rights problem to the
root of the drive where the project is created to manage the lockfile. This
is a map rooted drive, but does it make a difference?

So far I have set the "OPLOCK_SUPPORT_LEVEL" to zero and set the cleint
side file caching to disabled.

I am at a loss as to what I might do next. Any ideas?