Hi all.

I'm in a process of migrating to ZCM 10.
I've just discovery that some PCs have the wrong ZISD and when I install the ZCM10 agent they revert to the name, and removed from active directory, like the base image.

So my question is how can I create a zen7 package to clear the ZISD?

ziswin -c|ziswin /c|ziswin -clear|ziswin /clear doesn't work.
zisclearnt.exe it's not working.
Can't find the ENGL activeX.
Even with the Latest version of ziswin (Novell ZENworks 7 SP1 Suite Release 4) ziswin -c doesn't work.
I already created an AutoIT for that, but it must be more simpler than that.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advanced, TA.