I work for a school and I'm trying to get RTMP From Livingroomcandidate.org through our BM box.
We are running BM 3.9 Sp2 ir1 on a Netware 6.5 sp8 box.

See below.

1) Livingroomcandidate is a web project of MovingImages
2) MovingImages is a museum for the history of moving pictures.
3) MovingImages does not house there video, it is stored at LimeLight Networks.
4) MovingImages says they pass off requests for video to Limelight and Limelight directly supplies the video feed to the requester.
5) LimeLight says it supplies no video feed directly to the requester, but supplies video to MovingImages which then forwards the video to the requester.

I've added HTTP/URL exceptions to our BM box for *.livingroomcandidate.*, *.movingimages.*, *.limelight.*,*.llwn.*, (another site for linelight) and *.eyewonder.* (yet another site for limelight). I've also added a port exception for RTMP on port 1935.

Anything I might be missing in getting this to work.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.