I'm in a process of migrating to ZCM10.

During our tests we installed the new agent, doing this the PC reverted to the name of the base image and remove it from the active directory.
So probably I will have some machines with the wrong ZISD.

So I need to clear it before launching a Zen7 package to install ZCM10 agent.
I try the following:
- to ziswin -c, with the zenwork7 agent. Doesn't work.
- with zisclearnt.exe. It doesn't always work.
- to find the ENGL activeX. Couldn't find it.
- create an AutoIT to talk with ziswin (zen7) to clear ISD. Works but I think it's not robust enough. In sleeps between the pressing of keys, and something could appear, steal the focus, etc., in that time.
- so I will try to "ziswin -c" with ziswin.exe from ZCM10.3.1, XPs with zen7 agent still installed.
And then launch the installation of ZCM10 agent.

Is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance, TA.