Hi everyone,

Recently in the post "Windows 7 imaging speed - isues with lots of small files...", I have seen that some people have found out that imaging windows 7 is very slow because of the many small files of this OS. I'm not an expert to pretend that this is the problem, but anyway I'm very concerned about the effectiveness of Imaging. Some tell me that ZCM 11 will be much faster in the imaging process but are we certain of that? I've tested ZCM 11 beta, but no fast imaging.

For comparison, I've tested Clonezilla and ImageX and it's about 10minutes to restoring an base image of Windows 7 x64 that was sysprepped. Imaging of ZCM take about 40min !

We are almost ready to deploy our Windows 7 image, but I would like to give a chance to imaging, but is there something to do ? And I know if I does'nt compress image it will take less longer but I've tested it and not much difference. Is there some exclusions that we have to do in the base image? Any ideas ?

thank you and hope to receive feedbacks on this concern...