Hopefully two quick questions:

I can only log into the Mobility webpage (https://fqdn-hostname:8210) as the admin user. When I try to log in as a normal user I get:

Page Not Found
The page or feature you have requested cannot be found or is unavailable at this time.

Please check the following items for troubleshooting:
Check the website URL for accuracy.
Does the URL require SSL?
Is the specified port number correct?
If your request continues to fail, contact your system administrator.

Is this by design? I thought the end users should be able to login to the webpage to configure which address books they want to sync?

I am using the built in SSL cert. All devices sync fine, they just can't log into this webpage. (from a PC)

And a quick follow up question number two:

Can you have more then one admin user? I have multiple people that need to add/remote accounts and I'd prefer to have them use their own eDir accounts rather then a shared functional account.