Ok... My Barrcuda message archiver died and the fine folks at Barracuda
networks sent me a replacement.

Up and running shortly to find that for some reason part of the config
didn't bring over the accounts that were set for retention in C1, no problem
had only a handful so I re-entered the user accounts by hand on the

Few hours later, one of the users calls me up and tells me things are going
from folders and her inbox into the trash. Why would this be happening?
the only thing the archiver does is use IMAP as trusted app to poll the
messages and if the retention bit isn't set, it pulls the message over and
sets that message as retained. Why would it be moving messages or is this a
new behavior for GW.

The only thing changed is that the old archiver died right before updating
to SP2 HP1, now the system is doing this ??

Any ideas from the GW gurus?