Hi , as i am new in here .

in fact this few days trying to setup a ENDPOINT SECURITY for our customer but then during the installations , i think i been hit into a problem and i am doubts full to double confirm first before we can proceed into seconds step of our plan .

Firstly , we will setup a WINDOWS SERVER 2003 R2 Edition for SERVER desktop system ( including SQL SERVER stand 2005 version installed ) plus install the ENDPOINT SECURITY MANAGEMENT 3.5 into the server .

so base on the above , our customer are currently using the ENDPOINT SECURITY CLIENT 3.5 previously , and now there are trying to upgrade it to 4.1R version because some of the end user are using either WINDOWS VISTA and as well as WINDOWS 7 .

with this , we would come into doubts that base on the story on above :

1) does we need to do the ENDPOINT SECURITY CLIENT upgrade version from 3.5 and then install version 4.1R without need to install version 4.0 ?

2) other than this , does the ENDPOINT SECURITY CLIENT version 3.5 policies & configuration setting can be migrate to the newer Version such as 4.1R ? if so , can i know something a short note how it was done ?

3) besides that , i was unable to search the manual or documentation of the upgrade from 3.5 to 4.1R , so that we can have a refrences .

any advise from it ?