Hello all,

I have a weird problem that I am not sure even where to begin.

Netware 6.5 OES sp5, patched fully,
Novell client 4.91 sp2 pkc., nmas client, and NICI 2.6.8-2
BorderManager 3.8 sp3 ir5
Proxy authentication with CLNtrust running from login script.
Connectotel linkwall and cfproxy

I changed all of our student users to only have "user" privs. Now, when they login, clntrust run and you can see it in the taskbar. Yet, when the goto a web site, they are requested by bordermanger to login again. I have added ALL of the student contexts and they can not login. The login screen keeps appearing.

Now, if I or a teacher logs in, everything works for the 24 hours that we have set in bordermanager.

LDAP seems to be working. There are no rules saying that users are restricted during any time. Very weird.