Hello all,

I am having an issue with the Common log. I create a common log in the HTTP proxy logging tab.

After the Proxy.nlm updates itself, the log files are being created as they should but shortly after they have been running for a while, I can no longer access the files.

I get an error saying to make sure the disk is not write protected.

The log files are being created in a log folder at the root of an NSS volume.

Any ideas why this is happening? I am logged in as an Admin equivalent user, so I know it is not a rights issue.

This is happening on 2 servers.

Basic server info:

NW 6.5 SP7
BM 3.9 SP2

Each server is in its own OU that is partitioned at that point where each server is the master of its replica.

I do have CACHE volumes that are NFS.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Steve D.