I have been dealing with an issue for sometime, perhaps someone here can
offer insight.

When I use Console1 to make changes to GW client options, it resets the
user's GW password. Not in all cases but in the majority of my users if for
example I make increase a user's storage something changes with their GW
password, it's not cleared, it's changed to something other than what they
had and it's not their eDir password.

I opened a SR with Novell a long time ago (3-4 years ago) and they couldn't
find anything. At one time we used default passwords when an account was
created however not any longer.

What could be doing this? At one time I thought it was a combination of C1
versions and GW version/C1 Snapin's but that's all but been removed the
equation with updating from GW 7 to GW 8, numerous different workstations
and yet the common factor seems to be that when I make a client option
change in C1 the user's GW password is effected.