I have a requirement to connect to a remote Citrix server. I am running
BM3.8SP4. What has made it worse is that I have to connect in through an
Aventail box which creates a smart VPN tunnel, and this did not work
correctly. Anyway I have eventually found how to make the connection work -
the aventail has been upgraded and I have enabled the Citrix cookie
handler into the proxy.cfg.

So I can make the smart tunnel (now with split tunneling) and connect to
the Citrix box and login.

However whenever I try to run an application I get the following error:

"Cannot connect to the Citrix Metframe server
Proxy detection failure: Improper auto-configuration url"

This is in spite of being connected. It also happens if I bypass our proxy
and make the smart VPN tunnel through a filter exception.

I'm stuck now. Any help gratefully received.