we want to integrate a IBM Universal database into the kerberos
environment from DSfW. Therefor we have configured a system in a
standalone tree with all services we need and tested everything with a
windows xp workstation that joined the domain. Everything is working as
expected. I used the kerberos tray tool from the winxp resource kit to
make sure I have all kerberos tickets from the kdc.

Now when we walk through the IBM database configuration guide, they want
to get their own kerberos principle which might be called db2inst1. There
are predefined principles which I can see in /etc/krb5.conf, but I miss
the kadmin executable to add additional principles to the kerberos keytab

Okay we found a way to work around this by assigning the database a
principle that is already configured and we got it working with that. But
can't I add my own principles to that kerberos environment ?

I see the kerberos plugin in imanager and all the tasks I have there, but
does that plugin belong to DSfW or is that from the "old" novell kerberos
kdc service prior to DSfW ?