Good afternoon,

I'm currently employed at *Private* in IT, and since July we've been moving every PC over to Windows 7 (Upgrading Macs as well).

So far so good, but we've run into a few walls with things we want to do. I've searched quite a while on it, and managed to make Novell the default login screen like it was in XP. However, we want to try and take it one step further and make the specific user's name as the default username. (Once again as it was in XP).

We've had some issues, well, widespread issues, with people losing network drives and the like simply because they are logging in local. Or they think they can't login because they aren't paying attention to the username that was last used (Our general tech one most the time).

We tried a few registry tweaks, but nothing changes drastically. Changing the System's username does nothing for Novell. And we recently tried making a Task start upon startup AND after logging off that would change the "Last logged on user" value to the specific user at the station.

Still nothing. So, I'm going to ask here, and continue my search at the same time. (I'm not one to just ask and wait.)

Thank you for any and all information/replies.

And sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

Adrian Larson